Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hot O'BotheredMcDoctor has been provoked into a writing a furious response to the BBC messageboard as the sustained canonisation of Mr Crikey gathers pace: "With the greatest respect I wish people would stop calling Mr Irwin a conservationist. He was an animal botherer who showed little or no respect for creatures by prodding and goading them with sticks. My thoughts are with his family at this time."

Nice little touch at the end. I only wish he had actually mentioned his wife Terri by name as the experienced grief tourist would have done. Assuming an intimate knowledge of the close family is a mandatory feature of the people's people's tribute.

"That's like Superman dying while crossing the road," wrote one blogger regarding the death of Steve Irwin. A classic example of the way blogging has given the addictively sentimental a platform to compete for the ultimate expressions of extreme grief for any high-profile "tragedy".

Worst of all, this crap is happily regurgitated by respectable newspapers desperate to show they're hippety-hop with the blogerati, which only serves to encourage these moron self-appointed citizen journalists to have an idiotic, ill-informed view on anything and everything.


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